CQ - PopCom Monitoring Station Registration

CQ Amateur Radio (which now incorporates Popular Communications in its digital version) has relaunched their historical Monitoring Station registration scheme for radio listeners. There is also an online database with CQ/PC registrations. 

Today I received my certificate, with "call letters" SVCQ1XV.

Read more on CQ Newsroom blog in a posting by Richard Fisher, KCQ6CQ.

Strangely, CQ/PopCom don't mention the Monitor Station Registry offered by Tom Kneitel's company CRB Research in the 1980s. I had applied for that as well in 1985 and they allocated me call letters SV01MRXV.

I have found an interesting account about  the WPE Monitor Registration Program , the WDX registration service and the rest of those U.S. SWL registration schemes on the HF Underground wiki.

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