New 40 MHz (8 m) ham band in S. Africa

According to a RSGB bulletin, radio amateurs in the Republic of South Africa shall get a new low VHF frequency allocation for radio propagation experiments. The band is called the "8 meters band" and covers 40.675 to 40.685MHz (it is only 10 kHz wide) with power up to 400 W. The new allocation was published in the RSA Government Gazette (Volume 597, issue 38641, pp. 93).

I expect that a CW of F1A beacon shall operate in this new allocation to check transequatorial propagation.

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  1. New Record on 8 metres – 40MHz

    Andre Botes, ZS2ACP, in Port Elizabeth worked Willem Badenhorst, ZS6WAB, at Polokwane on 40,682 MHz FSK441 via meteor scatter on 6 August 2015. This is a distance of 1.184 km that is a new South African Radio League record as well as a world record. Ian Roberts, ZS6BTE, and Willem, ZS6WAB set up the first-ever record on this band, over a Tropo distance of around 300 km.