HABE Greek Adventure (1)

It seems that next Friday, 16 October 2015, there shall be a High Altitude Balloon launch in Greece.  The following information was published in http://tracker.habhub.org .  

When:     Fri, 16 October, 09:00 – 13:00
Where:    Corinth, Greece (37.9355 N - 22.8131 E)
Project:  HABE 
Group:    Adam Cudworth 
HABE 434.200 MHz USB RTTY 50 baud 425 Hz, ASCII-7-N-1
HABE 434.650 MHz USB RTTY 50 baud 850 Hz, ASCII-8 N-1

UPDATE 2015-10-13: According to Adam Cudworth on twitter, two separate balloon launches are scheduled:

Hi All,
We're off to Greece to fly balloons! Planning to fly two balloons on Friday around 10am Greek ISH time from Corinth.
- Balloon 1 - $$HABE on 434.200, 7n1, 425 shift
- Balloon 2 - $$HABE on 434.650, 8n1, 850 shift

Anyone in Greece or surrounding areas - trackers (via DL-FLDIGI) greatly appreciated. More the merrier! Reach me on IRC (cuddykid) on the day.

Hopefully we'll avoid the many mountains and land on land..
A big thanks to team AEOLUS for their help with organising.


Also the Aeolus team (J43VHF) is helping with the logistics of the operation. Adam is posting on Twitter as @adamcudworth .

Stay tuned for updates.


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