More 5 MHz beacons

More reception reports of 5 MHz (60 m) beacons tonight:

1. Good morse code (A1A) signals every 5 min from beacon HB9AW (JN43) on 5291.0 kHz during local evenings.

2. The three UK beacons are always very weak. I managed to receive GB3WES (IO84) at 01:15 UTC and 01:30 UTC and GB3ORK (IO89) at 01:15 UTC, using the special program by G3PLX, version 4.10. I could not log GB3RAL.

Here is a list of current 5 MHz amateur radio beacons, based on the official G3USF list, with somewhat better formating and links to web pages:

5195.0DRA5ScheggerottJO44VQ30dipole A1, psk, rtty06-24
5289.5OV1BCN10k S SoroeJO55SI30
(4 EIRP)
32m F.Dip@1mUSB/MT63H+4,19,34,49
5290.0ZS6KTSJohannesburgKG43CW15Inv. Veepsk,WSPR24
5290.0ZS6SRLJohannesburgKG43CW15Inv. VeeA124
5290.5OV1BCN10k S SoroeJO55SI30
(4 EIRP)
32m F.Dip@1mA1AH+4,19,34,49
5290.0GB3RALNr DidcotIO91IN
Inv. VeeA1+pskH+0,15,30,45
Inv. VeeA1+pskH+1,16,31,46
Inv. VeeA1+pskH+2,17,32,47
5291.0HB9AWSurseeJN43BA10/5/1/.1/.001 1/2 DipA1+psk5m cycle
5357.0HG7BHBRackeveJN97LE506.5m LW @4mA124

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