Intruder on 14240 kHz

20151109-0621-14240-0005 20151109-0631-14240-0006

This morning around 0620 UTC, 14240 kHz was occupied by a continuous FSK (F1B) transmission with 250 Hz shift. Possibly the same Russian military station which shows up on 14192 kHz. 

At 0630 UTC the station switched to F1A (frequnecy shift morse code) and exchanged short messages like "QRJ2  QRJ? K" with unid stations on another frequency. After that it went off-air, at about 0632 UTC.

The IARU Region 1 Monitoring System reports on this frequency a Russian Military station from Irkutsk in CIS-50-250 mode (September 2015 bulletin).

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