Beacon HG7BHB QSY to 5352.5 kHz

20151214-0318-5352 5-HG7BHB-0007
Screen capture of beacon signal at ipernity.com
Yesterday afternoon I noticed that the Hungarian 60m beacon HG7BHB moved to a new frequency, 5352.5 kHz. It still transmites the same message as before:VVV DE HG7BHB QTH JN97LE 34SF PWR 50W. This morning at about 03:15 UTC (05:15 local time) I can hear it with very good signal strength and some occasional deep fading (QSB).

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  1. Rcvd 020216 at 2245z in kilham east yorks uk. Nice clean signal s3 with R5000 and long wire