JT65 stations on 5 MHz

This afternoon (2015-12-11) I left my receiver on 5357 kHz USB, where there is some European JT65 activity. I used the WSJT-X decoder version 1.5.0 by K1JT, with an internet connection to PSKreporter

When I came back I found that the receiver had logged CQ calls by five Dutch stations: 

15:06 PA3RIS JO31
15:19 PE1RNU JO32
15:20 PA9CC  JO32

15:49 PA3BUD JO21 
16:16 PE2HHN JO32

There were no actual QSOs between these stations or with anyone else. 

So 5 MHz activity is picking up, I hope we gain access to this band soon.

UPDATE: One minute after posting this message, at 1634 UTC, I also logged two CQ calls by A45XR from Oman on LL93.

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  1. It seems that the different allignments of the UK 5 MHz allocation (5354-5358 kHz) and the presets of JT65 software (5457-5460) cause occasional out of band JT65 transmissions. British hams should use only 5357-5358 kHz. See article Keep legal on 5MHz on RSGB web site.