First day on 70 MHz (4 m)

Sirio CX-4-68 antenna
Today, at last, I installed a 4 m antenna and became active on 70 MHz or 4 meters. The antenna is a Sirio CX-4-68 vertical with Aircell 7 transmission line. This is a J-pole vertical with coaxial transmission line section. The radio is an Icom IC-7100 mobile tranceiver. 

The first station heard in the new band was beacon SV1FOUR from KM27AW, with rather weak signal strength. After prolonged CQs on or near 70200 kHz I managed two brief QSOs with OK stations, OK2BGW in JN89 and OK1VBN in JN78, with weak signals and deep fading (QSB).

Sometime later I discovered a group of greek hams active on 4 m from Athens metropolitan area and we had a somewhat long chat. I was told that there are about 5-6 active hams in my area, mostly with horizontal antennas. 

Much later in the evening I worked LX1FX with deep QSB in JN29.

So the results for the first day are rather poor, especially as we are in the peek of the Es season. It seems that a better antenna than a simple vertical is needed for decent performance on 70 MHz.

My first eQSL card for a 70 MHz QSO
BTW, my first eQSL has arrived - it is from SV1BGR on KM18 (same locator square). I hope to receive some paper or LoTW confirmations soon!

The Four Metres Website

UPDATE (2014-06-09):

One more eQSL!

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  1. Κώστα γειά σου και από εδώ.Το qso μας στα 4 μ. ήδη είναι στο LoTW.
    Για qsl κάρτα ή μέσω του Bureau της Ε.Ε,Ρ. ή σε κάποια συνάντησή μας.Πολλά 73 Σταύρος-sv1bgr.