50 MHz Sporadic E season - final account

Map with 50 MHz QSOs-QSLs for the 2014 Es season (updated 2014-08-22)
We are near the end of the 2014 summer Es season. The results for stations in Greece were rather poor: 
  • On 6 m (50 MHz) almost no double hop conditions, so very few QSOs with Portugal, Scandinavia and the British Islands. 
  • On 4 m (70 MHz) we had very few openings. 
  • On 2 m (144 MHz) we had no openings. SV1BJY is quite unhappy with this situation (Band closed, mind closed...).
  • On 10 m (28 MHz) many Es openings, mostly discovered by listening to the propagation beacons near 28.2 MHz, but with rather weak signals.
I regularly watch DX Maps and noticed that in other places in Europe and North America there were good Es openings almost daily. Only Greece was missing the party.

My personal results: 
  • Seven (7) new DXCC entities worked on 50 MHz: HA, EA8, 4U1ITU, TK, TZ, ZB2 and 7X
  • Six new DXCC entities (6) confirmed: HA, EA8, 4U1ITU, TK, ZB2 and TZ. Wating for a paper QSL from 7X2ARA.
  • At last, I managed to get 100 locator squares confirmed on the Logbook of The World (LoTW) and earn the ARRL VUCC award on 6 m! A good number of stations uploaded QSOs to LoTW within days of the QSO. My current VUCC-50 total is 107 (101 awarded + 6 pending).
  • I installed a vertical antenna for 70 MHz, a new band for me, but managed very few QSOs. Had only two QSOs with OK and one with LX.
  • On 10 m (28 MHz) also two new DXCC entities: ER (confirmed) and 7X.

The map shows the results on 6 m. Locator squares with LoTW or paper QSL confirmations for 2014 are filled in orange, squares worked but not confirmed (yet!) are filled in yellow. 

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