EP6T - a lot of bad luck

I have Iran confirmed only on 21 MHz SSB, so I expected that with the current ambitious DX-pedition I would be able to fill some band slots plus confirming RTTY and CW. I managed to contact them on 7, 18 and 28 MHz SSB. However, everytime I could hear them on 14 and 3.5 MHz CW they were working North America or Japan. 

On January 22 at 1746 UTC I managed to break the pile-up on 10 MHz RTYY - new band, new mode. Unfortunately another SV1 called over my reply and the operator at EP6T did not log me. I tried again this evening, January 25, and I hope that this time I am in the log. 

UPDATE: EP6T just uploaded to Clublog and my second contact on 30m RTTY is in the log. This DX pedition did the right thing by posting frequent updates to Clublog and the Logbook of The World. This practice does reduce multiple QSOs by big gun stations.


  1. You were lucky to work them again. i have had the same problem with C5X in rtty but not with SV1 station. Some stations continued calling cq over my rst reply and this is not a rare behavior... Fortunately the good operator managed to pass me in the log.

    1. Unfortunately I missed them on CW. I also hoped to work them on 80 m as I have just over 90 DXCC entities on this band.