IARU HF contest

HF propagation is deteriorating, however during the recent IARU-HF contest we enjoyed good Es openings on 28 MHz. 

I had 51 QSOs on 14 and 28 MHz and worked some intersting callsigns:
  • EU1A on 28 MHz - still need EU on 10m
  • Z60A (SHRAK) on 14 MHz SSB and CW
  • ET3AA on 14 MHz SSB
  • ZB2TT on 14 MHz CW
  • J77HQ (DARCI) on 14 MHz CW

At the same time there were sporadic E openings on 50 MHz,  with the longest paths in the E-W direction (EA7HG and EA8DBM). These should be attributed to double hop Es.