Ham awards -5: 5 Band DXCC

5 Band DXCC certificate no 8803
Today I found in my mailbox a cylinder from the ARRL awards department. It contained the 5 Band DXCC award, no 8803, issued on May 16, 2017 and signed by the President K5UR. It took an intensive effort to earn this one, especially because I have a very modest station on 80 m (3.5 MHz). I operate with some 100 W on a NVIS dipole from a flat in downtown Athens. By late 2015 I had collected over the years 92-93 confirmations on 80 m, but then my antenna support collapsed and it took many months to fix it, finally doing so in April 2017. 

The award became possible only after I started operating in JT65 mode, developed by Joe Taylor, K1JT. JT65 allows operation in the presence of  interference. However a critical factor was the variety of DXCC entities that show up daily on the JT65 band segments, especially in the early morning houts (03:00-05:00 local time). Within a few days I managed to log and confirm using LoTW eight entities: PY, ZS, YB, LU, TG, RI1ANO, CU and 5Z4. I also worked TF but I have only a paper QSL card.

Next target: DXCC on 50 MHz (6 m). In the past few days during a series of good sporadic openings I worked TA and GI, geting my total to 93 entities (92 confirmed).

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