12 and 10 meters open again

The summer is almost over and we are heading towards the equinox and the CQ WW RTTY contest. As always by the last weekend of August MUF increases and the first F2 layer openings on 28 MHz re-appear traditionaly during the SCC RTTY contest.

Today there was an opening on 28 MHz and I worked in RTTY during the contest the following stations: OH1VR, LY6A, F6GCI, EO26U, UW1M, DH8BQA, S53R, OK1CT, IU2FGB and RC5Z. 

Afterwards I switched to 24915 kHz FT8 and worked F4FSY, S57TW, R7AG and 9A5N. Now this was my very first QSO with Croatia (9A) on 12 m. Also I have never received LoTW confirmation for the few QSOs I have had with Slovenia (S5), so I wait for two new ones on my 12m DXCC.

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  1. Also 6m had a good opening to the west some new squares had been worked,