LoTW to support Worked All Zones (WAZ) award

Map of CQ Zones used in WAZ award

A few years ago ARRL announced that the Logbook of The World (LoTW) would support the prestigious Worked All Zones award, which is managed by CQ-Amateur-Radio magazine. Finally on December 12, 2017, the official announcement for WAZ via LoTW was published on the ARRL site:

Logbook of the World to Add Support for CQ WAZ Award

I checked the "Your QSOs" tab on my LoTW account and I noticed that a new award account option is now available in the query form: "WAZ: SV1XV - GREECE".

LoTW QSO query form with the WAZ option

Support for a WAZ account and a statistics table is not available yet in the "Awards" tab, but I expect this to become available soon.

Now, I am worried, because many LoTW users do not handle their CQ zone information properly.

  • Some do not list their CQ zone at all
  • Other swap the CQ and ITU zones by mistake
  • A small number list a wrong CQ zone
If you are reading this, and you have not paid any attention to CQ zones in the past, would you please ensure that your zone data on LoTW is correct?

According to my logs (kept in Logger32), I can barely manage to get the WAZ Mixed using only LoTW credits. However there may be problems, like the ones listed above, with these confirmations.

Merry Cristmas

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  1. I search WAZ:SV8QG at LoWT and immediately had Showing CQ WAZ Award data for SV8QG…
    The CQzone had been set by the system automatically as I had never put it, so make your search and enjoy the results.