Ham awards 7: 5 Band DXCC plaque

Today I received from the ARRL the 5 Band DXCC plaque with endorsements for 12, 17 and 30 m for a  total of 8 bands, award no 8803. 

I hope to add sometime soon the endorsement for 6 m as well.


From Mexico to Kazakhstan...

5 MHz activity on June 22-23, 2017
From Mexico to Kazakhstan and from Iceland to Argentina... many JT65 stations on 5 MHz this evening. Notable exceptions: France, Italy, and, of course, Russia. Notable DX are C6ADX and 9Z4S. 



More 5 MHz digital activity

5 MHz activity on June 20-21,, 2017

Last night there was again considerable JT65 activity on 5 MHz (5357-5360 kHz), including South American stations (CX5RZ, ZP4KFX), USA including PR (WP3UX), Canada, Kenya and unidentified station 3Y4GOV (shown in Antractica), possibly a decoding error.


5 MHz digital activity increasing

5 MHz activity on June 19-20, 2017

Last night there was considerable JT65 activity on 5 MHz (60 m) and specifically within the segment 5357-5360 kHz. I received many transatlantic signals, including TG9ANF, plus 5Z4/DL2RMC from Kenya. 

Unfortunately Greece (SV, SV9, SV5) still has no 60 m amateur radio allocationm despite having signed the WRC-15 decisions.


Makers' stand in RAAG Hamfest 2017

Assembled LSF II model rocket

LSF-II model rocket with diassembled payload

AZ-EL rotator
AZ-EL antenna rotator

Last week RAAG organized the 2017 Athens Hamfest in Peristeri Exhibition Centre. Between many commercial and boot sale stands, I noticed the following interesting exhibitions:

1. A stand by the Greek CB group "ΠΑΣΥΧΕΡΑ" (18SV000), now fully active after the recent liberalization of CB radio in Greece.

2. A nice stand by a makers group, with LSF-II model rockets, home-made 2 axis antenna rotators using 3d printed components, and other goodies.