DP0GVN: WSPR beacon received on 30m

WSPR beacon DP0GVN (see previous post), located at at the German Antarctic Research Station "Neumayer III", transmits regularly on 30 and 20 m (10 and 14 MHz). 

This evening its weak signal is decoded in Greece. The radio is an IC-706 MkII with a vertical antenna and WSJT-X v1.8.0 software. 

Here are the first three WSPR packets:

1804  -26   0.3   10.140158    4   DP0GVN        IB59     33  12316
1816  -27   0.3   10.140158   -4   DP0GVN        IB59     33  12316
1828  -26   0.4   10.140159   -2   DP0GVN        IB59     33  12316

DP0GVN: WSPR beacon in Antarctica

A few days ago, the ARRL site announced that DARC, in cooperation with two German universities, would install a WSPR receiver and beacon in Antarctica. The receiver is based on the Red Pitaya development board, which can function as an SDR transmitter and receiver. The callsign would be DP0GVN. 

According to the entry in QRZ.COM, DPØGVN is a club station located at the German Antarctic Research Station "Neumayer III" in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica. The call sign is regularly being activated by station personnel as well as visitors.

This morning I transmitted on 40 m (7 MHz) WSPR with 5W and I was glad to see on WSPRnet that DP0GVN received my signal and reported it to the server. 

Timestamp    Call    MHz    SNR    Drift    Grid    Pwr    Reporter    RGrid    km    az
2018-01-22 02:34      SV1XV      7.040074      -20      -1      KM18ua      5      DP0GVN      IB59uh      12356      191
2018-01-22 02:12      SV1XV      7.040072      -18      0      KM18ua      5      DP0GVN      IB59uh      12356      191
2018-01-21 18:20      SV1XV      7.040074      -26      -4      KM18ua      5      DP0GVN      IB59uh      12356      191

Now I hope to receive their WSPR signal, they transmit with 5W on a vertical antenna, usually on 10 and 14 MHz, but the noise level at my location is much higher.