International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend 2017

This weekend is the annual International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend, held on the 3rd weekend in August since 1998. 

I tried to participate, but propagation was really very poor, especially on Saturday. I managed to work very few stations, as shown in the extract of my log:

2017-08-19 15:12  14131.0  USB  GB2LBN   UK0034
2017-08-19 18:24   7149.0  LSB  DA2017LH DE0008
2017-08-20 06:16  14270.0  USB  TC1LHW   TR0002
2017-08-20 08:33  18153.0  USB  3Z2LS    ARLH POL017
2017-08-20 09:16  18163.0  USB  HB9ILLW  CH0004
2017-08-20 14:32  14260.0  USB  GB2BH    UK0180
2017-08-20 14:57  14205.0  USB  IQ3TS/LH IT0011
2017-08-20 16:27  14226.1  USB  IT9OPR   ARLH ITA153
2017-08-20 16:55  14265.0  USB  GB1OL    UK0195
2017-08-20 17:00  14192.0  USB  DA2017LH DE0008

I noticed that some stations had not registered with ILLW and were passing only their ARLHS world list number. 

I also noticed that many participants still append "/LH" or "/LGT" to their callsigns. This practice is not really compatible with electronic logbooks and, especially, with on-line logs like LoTW and ClubLog.

I hope that I receive a few nice QSL cards via the bureau and that propagation is better in the ILLW 2018.


SW Radiogram, August 5, 2017

Today at 16:00 UTC I received, once again, this weekend's Shortwave Radiogram on 9400 kHz AM. The transmission by Radio Miami International used the transmitters of Space Line in Bulgaria.

An indoor TV antenna
The digital modes transmitted in the TX audio were MFSK32 and MFSK16, and included 5 images. 

I used my Icom IC-706 MkII with a dipole antenna tuned for 3.5 and 7.0 MHz and a MFJ-969 antenna tuner. Decoding software is FL-digi under Windows XP. 

Text reception was good, but not 100%, with occasional garbled charaters due to QRM. Mode switching between MFSK32/16 was done automatically. 

BBC future logo

Tiny Sprite ham radio satellite

Alligator gar fish capured in the USA

The images were also received successfully with some deterioration due to co-channel voice interference.

I sent an email with my reception reports to radiogram@verizon.net  right after the transmission.