DXCC on 24 MHz (12m) update

Today I received a LoTW and eQSL.cc confirmations from A71AE so I reached the magic number of 100 on 24 MHz (12 m). I have already submitted my application to the ARRL DXCC desk, so I hope to have my certificate by the end of January or early February. That is one month earlier than expected with the submission of paper QSL cards!

Also yesterday I worked the 1A0C operation (Sovereign Military Order of Malta) on 80m RTTY for a new entity on DXCC Digital, and on 17m SSB for a new band slot.


Μια εικόνα - χίλιες λέξεις...

Το C-130 7T-WHE της Τυνησίας συμμετέχει στην επιχείρηση διάσωσης του Norman Atlantic 
Από το έγκυρο και αξιόπιστο defencenet.gr .... τι άλλο θα δουν τα μάτια μας....


TF5B: a new one on 30m

Today I worked TF5B in RTTY, for a new DXCC entity on 30m. Billi is an excellent QSLer and has already uploaded logs to eQSL.cc and the Logbook of The World (LoTW).Thanks OM!


28 MHz OTHR intruder

Spectrum capture on 10m band using Perseus SDR (2014-12-26, 0920 UTC)
An Over The Horizon Radar (OTHR) signal, 20 kHz wide, showed up this morning on 28360-28380 kHz in the 10m band. According to description the spectrum characteristics  corresponds to the PLUTO OTHR system.

Το ιονοσφαιρικό sounder του Αστεροσκοπείου Αθηνών

 Όπως ίσως γνωρίζετε το ιονοσφαιρικό sounder (ionosonde) του Αστεροσκοπείου Αθηνών (Πεντέλης) ήταν εκτός λειτουργίας για κάποιους μήνες, επισήμως για λόγους συντηρήσεως. Σήμερα δοκίμασα διστακτικά  να συνδεθώ και είδα ότι είναι πάλι σε λειτουργία, στην παλιά του διεύθυνση http://www.iono.noa.gr/ και κατεβάζει κανονικά ιονογράμματα. Επίσης αναγνωρίζει τους παλιούς κωδικούς και password που είχε παλιά για είσοδο στο site. 

Τα ιονογράμματα της Πεντέλης είναι ιδιαίτερα χρήσιμα για προσδιορισμό της δυνατότητας επικοινωνίας NVIS στα 40 m (7 MHz) μεταξύ ελληνικών σταθμών.

Για τεχνικές λεπτομέρειες σχετικά με τα ionosondes και ιονογράμματα, δείτε το αρκετά ωραίο άρθρο Ionosonde στο website HF Underground wiki


14 MHz intruder

Spectrum capture on 20m band using Perseus SDR (2014-12-25, 1420 UTC)
A 20 kHz wide signal, possibly a HF radar obliterates 14215-14235 kHz on Christmas Day 2014. 

According to information posted on Twente SDR, it is the Russian 29B6 OTHR, as it is about 14 kHz wide. 

Spectrum capture on 13 MHz band using Perseus SDR (2014-12-25, 1446 UTC)

The western Pluto OTHR is 20 kHz wide, so I believe the second spectrum capture centered on 13000 kHz is Pluto.


Grimeton Radio SAQ Christmas Eve transmission

The spectrum 11-23 kHz at 07:58 UTCm showing SAQ tuning signal
Today I set up my station to receive the 08:00 UTC transmission from the hisitoric Alexanderson alternator transmitter SAQ at Grimeton (Varberg) in Sweden on their regular frequency of 17.2 kHz in the VLF band. I used my Microtelecom Perseus SDR receiver connected directly to my HF vertical antenna. Although I suffer from a high level of man-made noise, I managed to copy the tuning tests and almost all of the message.Next transmission shall take place in late June or early July 2015.



Two interesting eQSL cards from italian stations 
  • II9IAOC - Corvette "DANAIDE" (F-553)
  • II0IAER - Fleet tanker "ETNA" (A-5326)


DXCC on 24 MHz (12m)

Today I managed to collect 100 confirmations on 24 MHz for the 12m DXCC award. I have already 90 entities credited on this band: 3B9,  3XY,  4J, 4L, 4W, 4X, 5H, 5T, 5X, 5Z, 7X, 9G, 9L, 9Q, A2, A4, A6, C9, CN, CT, CT3, D4, DL, EA, EA8, EA9, EI, EK, ES, EU, F, FT4TA, FT5ZM, G, GI, GJ, GU, GW, HI, HP, HZ, I, J28, J7, JW, K/W, KG4, KH1, LA, LX, LY, OD5, OH0, OK, ON, OZ, PA, PY, R1MVI, S9, SM, SP, SV, TF, TJ, TN, TT, TU, TY, UA,  UA2 , UA9, UT, V5, VE, VK9X, VP2M, VP8/F, VP8/S, VP9, VQ9, XU, XZ, YA, YL, YO, Z8, ZD8, ZD9, ZS.

I submitted today an application with paper QSL cards for the following 4 entities: BY, HB, OY, FR. I am waiting for card checking by our local DXCC checkpoint, Clif SV1JG

In addition I have pending LoTW confirmations for 6 entities: 9K, EA6, GM, OX, TK4 and UN, which I shall submit along with my application for the certificate after the paper QSLs are credited by the ARRL DXCC desk. 

I expect that this complicated process shall take about two months and I hope to have my certificate by mid-March 2015.

BTW I have 114 worked on 24 MHz but many don't confirm, including 3B8, 4S7, 5R, 7Q7, CO, EX, EY, HB0, HL, LU, OH (!!!), OM, S5 and VU.

UPDATE 2014-12-21: I just received LoTW confirmation for Finland (OH), so now I am at 101 confirmed. Also today I worked PJ4DX, a new one on 24 MHz, and I hope to receive their LoTW confirmation soon.

UPDATE 2014-12-22: Today I received LoTW confirmation for Bonaire (PJ4), so now I am at 102 confirmed.

UPDATE 2014-12-24: One more on LoTW, CX2DK from Uruguay, so now I am at 103 confirmed, 99 via LoTW.

Beacon QRP still active

HF beacon QRP, recently reported again on UDXF , is still active during local daytime just below 8000 kHz CW. It is heard in Athens, Greece with relatively strong signals, peaking S6 at 11:10 UTC, and deep fading.


CQ WPX award update

CQ WPX Mixed (1250 pfx)

I received today the endorsements for WPX Mixed Africa and WPX SSB 700. I have also applied for WPX CW 450 and I wait for the ARRL to process my application. I received all my WPX credits via the ARRL Logbook of The World (LoTW).