Last week I decided to have a go with Postcrossing. It is an interesting project of exchaging postcards with some Internet support.

Of course I am an old timer in radio QSL cards, but this project is much different. The cost is not trivial, as sending a single card from Greece currently costs about €1.30 - €2: €1 for ELTA postage and €0.30 to €1 for the card itself.

As I am a rookie, I make mistakes related to the rules and the etiquette of the project, but I am learning fast. 

Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postcrossing



According to Wikipedia, we are part the peak of postcrossing excanges, but activity is still quite strong.



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  1. Until now, two out of three postcards I sent were logged as received in Germany, typical travel time 6 working days.